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Yin Yoga

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Meditative Movements and Postures to Cultivate the Energy of “Allowing”

Most of our lives are directed by the energy of doing—known as yang in the Taoist tradition. To bring life into balance, we need to cultivate its opposite, yin, the energy of “allowing.” Now Kim Eng offers a powerful program of conscious movement to help us balance these forces and accept each moment just as it is. Join her on Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga to learn postures and practices that take you into this state of presence.

Set in a serene garden, this video begins with gentle instruction on a variety of meditative poses including the Long-Legged Butterfly, Sleeping Swan, and Dragon. By inviting us to hold these postures and sink deeply into the inner body, Kim enables us to discover our “comfortable edge”—a process that can release deeply held traumas and bring about true stillness. Complete with both long and short practices inspired by Kim’s own awakening process as well as a variety of other traditions, this program helps us “be the space”—by allowing, accepting, and opening to whatever arises.

By learning to move—and hold—our body with intention, we can begin to balance our inner and outer worlds,” teaches Kim. Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga is a portal to the beauty and serenity of the Now.

 Kim Eng is a counsellor and spiritual teacher whose “Presence Through Movement” workshops focus on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. As Eckhart Tolle’s teaching partner, she has helped translate his ideas into a structured practice. She is the author of Meditations for a New Earth and Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga.



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